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Easy Queso Fresco


1 gallon raw milk, skimmed or whole

1 c. whole milk yogurt

1/4 c. vinegar

salt to taste (probably about 2 tsp.)


Stainless steel pot with lid.


Colander or sieve

2 Cotton porous towels

Steel stirring spoon


1. Bring 1 gal. whole raw milk to 90F, add 1 c. whole milk yogurt, cover, and let sit 4 hours.
2. Raise temp of milk slowly to 100-ish so that it doesn’t pass 104F (that’s the definition of raw milk cheese, below 104.)
3. Add 1/4 vinegar, let sit about 30 min. for curd to form.
4. Strain into colander lined with porous towel, not cheesecloth. (Mix in salt, if you want it.) Hang and let drain, then squeeze dry.
5. Store wrapped in a towel in fridge overnight and that will dry it more. After I did this, it was crumbly just like the queso fresco at the store. I made chiliquiles (fried tortillas, salsa, eggs) for breakfast with it and it was awesome.

Made this way, your cheese is both RAW (unpasteurized) AND cultured!


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Homemade Whey and Cream Cheese

This is the easiest way I’ve found to make these 2, and the results are nothing less of gourmet.

Yield:  1 lb. cream cheese, 1 small ball jar of whey

1 large container of plain whole-milk yogurt (organic is best)

Take your largest, tallest, widest pitcher or tallest bowl and set a collander over it.  Place a clean “waffle weave” towel over the strainer.  Dump yogurt into towel.  In a minute you will hear drops of whey dropping down into your pitcher.  After about 1 hour or when you see your towel getting drenched, tie up the towel at the top.  The object is to hang it somehow so that gravity pulls the whey out the bottom of the cream cheese, not to have it dripping off your towel and onto your counter.  You can do this by tying the towel onto a wooden spoon and letting it hang down into your pitcher or by tying the towel around the middle of your cabinet and letting it hang down into your bowl or pitcher.  I usually use my cabinet.  I’ve seen towels tied to microwaves, dining room lighting, door knobs, etc.  Use what works for you.  When you no longer hear and see whey dripping out, you’re done (about 8 hours).  Store both in airtight glass containers in fridge.  Mix honey into your cream cheese for a delicious spread!

I am looking for some great cream cheese recipes to use up some that I have in the fridge. (I am always using the whey but not the cream cheese!) Any great recipes out there?

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