Good Egg/Bad Egg

When it comes to eggs, not all are created equal.  The bad news is that yes, the conditions the chicken was raised in and the diet it eats really does matter.  The good news is that good eggs are well, so good for you, and so economical.  I personally buy Gold Circle Farms (red paper label) at HEB for $4 dozen when I can’t get to the Farmer’s Market.  There are a lot of people out there who’ll tell you that egg yolks are a bad source of cholesterol.  If you think so too, I encourage you to read this.  In my mind, logic would say that God created the egg as a wet slimy whole, to be eaten as a whole.  If you look at the egg yolk-it’s actually attached to the white with an umbilical cord-looking thing haha this is not sounding very appetizing 🙂  Logic would also tell you that if you see something nutritious that is appealing to the eye, it probably is good to eat.  You wouldn’t eat a head of lettuce that was brown and slimy, for example.  So, I will give you the easiest way to tell if your eggs are good eggs or bad eggs.  What color are the yolks?



A good-for-you egg is deep yellow almost orange and the white is still attached when thrown into a bowl.   A less-than egg yolk is light it color and in nutrition. The same is true about butter, by the way.  The deeper the color, the more nutritious it is. Notice the white is also more “attached” to it’s yolk?

Finally, if you don’t care much about the nutrition of eggs, say if you don’t eat them often (best breakfast you can have!) you may care about how inhumanely many chickens are treated.  Any heart-beating human must have a problem with this:  Undercover Investigation:  IHOP’s Egg Supplier. Infact, some go vegetarian after watching crap like this!  But if you eat eggs, and eat eggs out at a restaurant, it’s a must-watch.


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