What is Maseca?

Maseca is a prepared corn flour used for making tortillas and other delicious dishes.  Tortillas are the staple of Mexican cooking.

Maseca is made up of ground dried corn that’s been previously soaked in lime water.  The soaking breaks down the difficult to digest anti-nutrients found in all grains.  Maseca is not the best way you can eat your corn, in an ideal world, you would grind, soak and prepare your own corn dough, but hello!  Who has the resources and time for that!

Maseca can be found in any grocery store in the baking aisle by the other flours.  It may also be in the ethnic or Mexican section of the store.


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  1. Yes! Maseca is used for preparing tortillas, atole, enchiladas, gorditas, sopes, and many other hispanic recipes! Here you can find all the varieties: http://www.mimaseca.com and over here you can check for hispanic recipes http://www.donamasita.com Feel free to send your own!!

    Doña Masita

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