Roasted Medium Salsas

Roasted Medium Red Salsa – makes  1 ½ cups.

*see variations for chipotle and green (tomatillo) below.

4 medium very red (ripe)* Roma or San Marzano tomatoes

1 *serrano pepper, stem removed

½ large clove garlic, grated or finely chopped if you want to pulse your salsa

1/4 of a medium white onion

Handful fresh cilantro, stems and leaves (2-3 tbsp. chopped)

1/2 cup or so of water – depends on how thick you like it.

Salt to taste

In a small skillet on med-high, roast tomato and Serrano until quite black on all sides.  Fruit will look wilted and limp, almost burnt.  Roasted Red SalsaAdd it to pan and leave it alone, turning once in a while.  After roasted, add all ingredients to blender and pulse (for chunky) or blend (for smooth) until mixed.  Taste apart from a tortilla chip to gauge salt.

Cook’s Notes:

*One can also substitute part of a 14 oz. can of fire-roasted tomatoes in place of the fresh tomato and skip the pan-roasting all together.

*The process for roasted green salsa is the same – just substitute 4 large or 6 medium green tomatillos.  Add optional 1/2 of an avocado for extra creamy deliciousness 🙂

*For chipotle salsa, substitute 1 chipotle pepper in adobo sauce (canned) in place of serrano pepper.



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5 responses to “Roasted Medium Salsas

  1. Jose Galindo

    Michelle, you should post the recipe for that amazing mashed potatoes we ate once for thanksgiving looooong time ago at yadira’s house when she lived across from the stadium, remember? they were sooooo good!!!

    • Michelle G.

      Che, did those mashed potatoes have any little bits in them (bacon, cheese, onion, etc.) or were they all white and creamy?

  2. Holly Gray


    I have to tell you that your blog is so professionally well done. You should consider going professional between the writing of the recipes, photography and layout!

    Keep up the good work!!!



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